Gta 5 PARA HİLESİ LVL UNLOCK hilesi güncel ( gta V ONLİNE hack) BAN YOK


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Listen here Morty. This right here is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever seeen. This allows you to two man every single heist finale scenario with exception of cash. Let me repeat that. You can now TWO MAN both Gold and Art. Ideally you’re going to be doing Big con: Gruppe Sechs or Aggressive with the Sewer Tunnels entrance in order to make it easy to retry and whatnot in case you get one of the bad Vault configurations. But If you have three people it shouldn’t be a problem Morty. For the record, right around $3.6 million is the maximum potential take you can get from this Heist finale. You can collect over $5 million, but when you beat it, the game is just gonna revert back to the maximum potential take of $3.6 Million. So don’t waste your time collecting more then that if you have more then 2 people with you Morty. If it’s just two of you, then you’re not really gonna get much more then 5 piles anyway, so that’s kinda a mute point.
Now listen closely Morty, in case you didn’t see in the video above for some reason. Basically you need to collect one gold brick from each pile while the overall take is under $150K. Meaning you’re gonna want to skip the extra daily vault on the way down to the main Vault. Upon returning to each pile you’ve done this too, the pile will double in size. Each pile takes about 50-55 seconds because of the increased siiize Morty. So pick it all up as fast as you can.
Also, for the record, the configuration on silent and sneaky is a little harder then on Big Con. One person goes for the middle three and the other goes left and hacks one door open when you’re on Silent and Sneaky. Other then that you’re good to go. I can’t think of anything else I might be forgetting.
Hope you enjoy this madness.
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Video Rating: 6/10!